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On the BC Platform

What do your clients like about using BC?

Our key focus at Bosweb Systems is on customer service, support & satisfaction with the solutions we provide. So we've never concealed that fact that our websites are built on the foundation of Adobe Business Catalyst and straight up we tell (and show) our clients just how awesome the Business Catalyst suite of website applications are to use!

When introducing clients to our solutions we highlight that we couldn't provide the range of features or systems if it wasn't for the comprehensive nature of consolidated systems. Clients appreciate that our pitch actually focuses on them, because we're providing solutions that are easy to use, and that offer extensibility and future-proofed (and designed to save them time and money). To make sure we've got it right, 90 days after GoLive we provide our clients with a quick survey to gauge the success of the deployment for our clients.

We want to make sure that we've successfully met their needs and that they're comfortable using the tools we've provided. We ensure that they can continue to use the solution to grow their online business.


Our key focus at Bosweb Systems is on customer service, support & satisfaction with the solutions we provide.

Brendon O’Sullivan, Bosweb Systems

How is developing on BC different from your previous development process?

Since 2000, we've has been specialising in the development of innovative‚ business intelligence website and customised software solutions including online marketing, e-commerce, ebusiness, intranet/extranet & portal based systems. So we've had plenty of experience with web-based software.

Before BC we had developed our own CMS, ecommerce catalogue, events and online newsletter systems. All were detached from the other and all were an R&D black hole for us that wasn't adding the ROI value that we were hoping for either ourselves or that our clients because they were too hard to use and problematic. They were both an overhead to maintain and support.

In 2007, we decided that it was time to find a better system. After 12 months of reviewing and testing it was with great fan-fare that my search ended in a meeting in the office of Business Catalyst with Adam Broadway. I was sold.

By mid-2008, and after a relatively brief and equally easy learning curve, we began rolling out "online businesses" to our new clients and began actively migrating our existing clients across to BC.

After many easy to follow training courses and with the assistance of the excellent Adobe support team and online communities, we've been able to develop hundreds of websites ranging from the straight-forward to the very complex pushed-to-the-bleeding-edge-of-technology-and-back-again solutions!

What are the strengths of BC compared to other systems?

As mentioned above, we've dropped all other website frameworks. With over 2 years of developing websites in BC, we now find that a majority of our clients update their online businesses systems at least weekly, while 25% of our clients update and utilise aspects of their websites daily. In addition we're upgrading (read upselling) our client's websites (either aesthetically or with additional functions) either half-yearly or annually.

Better yet, the cost of supporting our clients has grown from a negative to positive return – and in 2011 we will be launching 10 websites a month, and with less staff. That's been great news for us!

On Being a BC Partner

What are your favorite aspects of the Partner Program, and why?

I can actually communicate with the owners of the business that developed the software, the online portal is another winner as part of our sales angle where the integrated help and training video's quickly and easily help both ourselves and our clients.

My favourite aspect of being an Adobe Business Catalyst partner? While the commission is an added bonus, being a Partner has enabled my company to join with other global partners and really feel part of a community. This is real value-add as we hadn't really aligned with other 'web development' partners in the 8 years prior and we've developed relationships with partners both globally and in our own backyard.

Looking back, how do you feel about your decision to become a BC Partner?

We realigned our whole business model to fit with BC, and as a result are much better for it.

The 'sell' is easier, our project specific workload is nowhere near as demanding, our service and support levels are positive and profitable, and our clients (and team members) are much happier for the experience.

I made the decision for our company to go down this path partnering with BC, and it's one of the best business decisions I've made.

Show us some of your work on BC


With the launch of their website several weeks before the Official Opening in April 2010, this theatre was able to showcase the long-awaited new 500 seat tiered theatre.

While the distinctive customised design colourfully introduced upcoming shows, 6 months of events were sold in advance of the doors even opening.

Now the box office utilises our announcement tool which displays the season's shows with extensive information, detailing everything the viewer needs to know plus more while a 'seating specific' booking system was integrated into the site.

Access to the content management system allows the box office team to quickly and easily update shows and events as they occur, allowing them to arrange extra shows and where 75% of all bookings are made online.

The ALPMA has been designed a number of times and more recently we were invited to deploy their new member focus. Coupled with a desire to better connect with their 600+ members online meant ALPMA not only required a website that looked good - but that also introduced a fresh approach to online interaction with members.

The introduction of a comprehensive directory, enewsletter focus, knowledge library, consolidated end-to-end event booking (Ecommerce) and management system, including historical member transaction record keeping and regular online marketing campaigns, has ensured the success of the latest incantation of ALPMA' online image.



A new event, a new icon and a new vision for marketing Dubbo to Australia and beyond.

When the Dubbo Stampede committee approached Bosweb Systems to develop their online identity, we also had to grapple with the implementation and launch of an entirely new event and message that they trusted to develop with us.

Working closely with our client, we designed a look that allows the viewer to focus their attention on their appropriate running event. The Dingo Dash, Cheetah Chase and Zebra Zoom all clearly branded, and easily identifiable within the website for the sake of consistency and ease of use (and which has proven to be a complete success).

This website makes extensive use of all aspects of the Adobe Business Catalyst product suite allowing multiple website administrators to maintain their own sections and introduces interaction with the implementation of integrated Search Engine & Social Media Marketing strategies.

Thank you, Brendon O’Sullivan!
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