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On the Business Catalyst CMS

Who is Pretty and why Business Catalyst?

Pretty is all about solving Business Problems! Working primarily with medium size businesses we’re a full service agency with a specialty in digital marketing. Typically we are approached to improve Customer Acquisition by driving new traffic through advertising, search marketing and social. However before attracting new traffic to the website we believe it needs to be ready to convert. That’s where Business Catalyst fits in.

Using Business Catalyst we’re able to develop the perfect creative and marketing website. With no creative limitations we can engineer a custom user experience ensuring an optimised path to sale with strong conversion points.

Business Catalyst provides the tools we need to analyse traffic, track website visitors, and eventually market to them through integrated email marketing services.

At Pretty we don’t mark-up hosting, offshore, or have any lock-in contracts. That’s why we have over 400 active websites over 12 years in Business Catalyst. We’re the authority on everything custom and everything marketing. Pretty tells our clients if they work closely with us we’re able to show results and be paying our own way within 6 months.


There is rarely an engagement where Adobe Business Catalyst is not appropriate. It provides a complete package without extensive system integration activities.

Brett Stockley,

How is developing on Business Catalyst different?

Pretty chooses Business Catalyst because it’s designed for marketers not developers. Meaning the Pretty developer can build just about anything then hand over to our digital marketing team where the real work begins. We align closely with medium sized businesses serving as an extension to their internal marketing team. This is where we shine. As a data driving agency we use analytics and data to make business decisions and Business Catalyst helps us achieve this.

Pretty has partnered with Business Catalyst since 2005. We're the longest standing and the most experienced partner worldwide, and as a result we've worked the BC system hard.

Tell us about a Business Catalyst success story

Hammersmith were a family owned business operating over 40 years. For 10 years the website turned over $1000 per week in their online shop. Pretty took over the website and started Hammersmith on a digital marketing strategy to attract more ‘ready to buy’ traffic and convert into it paying customers.

Hammersmith CEO Wyatt Groth reported that “results were instant with sales seeing upward trends immediately and 18 months later we’ve achieved 750% growth in turnover and we’ve expanded from Adelaide to being a global business”.

Pretty strives to be cost neutral within 6 months however with Hammersmith this was achieved in 3 months.

On Being a Business Catalyst Partner

Tell us about your Business Catalyst clients?

Mostly they’re the medium size businesses of 50 plus staff and turnover of 10-100M. They’ll have an internal marketing person who will leverage from our team of specialised digital marketing experts to get better results for the business.

Pretty also works extensively with other agencies in Business Catalyst. We provide an array of white labeled solutions including consulting, however most BC agencies use us to build their designs into functional, custom Business Catalyst websites.

How do you feel about your decision to become a Business Catalyst Partner?

Pretty took a gamble based on a recommendation. We experimented with one website, then two, then three. It's been a gamble that's paid off! After 12 years, Business Catalyst is now intrinsic to the Pretty offering and we now have over 400 active websites in BC.

What’s your favourite BC website?

That’s hard. We’ve built just about every website you could think of including e-commerce, events, directory, recurring membership, lead generation etc. There’s nothing in Business Catalyst we haven’t done and we know it intimately. We even built our own bespoke Abandon Cart and Google Merchant Feed software for BC. We custom design every website, that means our strategy team has full control to achieve better outcomes.

Show us some of your work on BC

Staging Connections

Staging Connections are Australia’s leading audio visual and events company with 17 office locations across Australia, NZ and Asia. Working closely with the internal market team have been the complete outsourced full service Creative Digital Marketing agency for over 4 years.

Having 6 websites in the group using Business Catalyst it’s safe to say the solution is working well. We’ve done just about everything for Staging Connection in Business Catalyst including: API Integrations to their sales CRM system, built Lead Generation websites, SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Content Writing, Social, Automated Email Marketing and everything in between.

In short, we help Staging Connection find new customers who are ready to buy, and drive those leasds to highly optimised websites to engage and convert.

With 25 locations around Australia HammondCare is the authority in Australia on all topics Dementia Care, Aged Care, Palliative Care, Rehabilitation and older persons Mental Health. has been the chosen Full Service Agency for over 7 years working with the internal marketing team to execute multiple Business Catalyst websites. continues to work strategically with HammondCare on projects such as driving multi-channel online advertising and marketing campaigns related to the annual and renown dementia conference, to Christmas donation appeals, SEO and SEM consultation, through to design and build of 7 or more websites in Business Catalyst.

Classic Safari

Anytime Fitness

6 years ago Anytime Fitness Australia received an Email Marketing Campaign that designed for another client of ours "Aussie Homeloans". They liked it so much they approached us to manage their Content Marketing Strategy on an ongoing monthly arrangement for 6 years now.

Each month Pretty works with the internal Anytime Fitness Marketing Team to design and blasts half a million emails to their members through Business Catalyst. We then measure and report the results.

We've worked on many projects for Anytime Fitness including Microsites, developed a responsive blog for the main website, and hundreds of business communications both internal and public.

An area that Pretty is very good at is Paid Membership and Subscription websites. Pretty first went through a comprehensive branding exercise to establish a new identity and brand for the existing business. Pretty then used Business Catalyst to develop a website that sells Membership Subscriptions online with Reoccurring automated payments. This approach drastically reduced staff overheads and increased membership retention. The website offers a variety of membership options at different pricing and encourages membership by offering special benefits to logged in members and a comprehensive Business Directory for members to promote their own services through the website. Event and Function bookings are also sold online along with a raft of other cool features.

Pretty has a lot of experience with Membership based websites and has successfully helped many companies including; the Australian Institute of Export and the British Chamber of Commerce as well as many others to increase their membership retention by implementing automated reoccurring billing on memberships. We have integrated many challenging custom options, extending Business Catalyst to cater for the needs of our clients.


Thank you, Brett Stockley!
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