Is there a cost to set up a customer trial site?

There is no cost for trial sites. As a Free, Standard, or Premium partner, you may create as many trial sites as you need. It can often be effective to create trial sites when presenting the Adobe Business Catalyst solution to new prospects. You pay only when you decide to upgrade to a paid site.

What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept payment by credit card only (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express).

How does billing work for customer sites, and who is responsible?

It's entirely up to you how billing should work. Some Partners do not want the hassle of billing customers. In those cases, when you upgrade the site you can choose for Adobe Business Catalyst to have the billing relationship with your customer. In this scenario your customer will be aware of Adobe's role since the customer will receive invoices with the Adobe brand on it, charged at the scheduled rate. You will need to obtain the customer's credit card details before upgrading the customer from a trial site to a paid site.

Alternatively, you can have the billing relationship with your customer. You will be billed at the scheduled rate for each site and will be solely responsible for any billing and collection of payments between you and your customer. Premium partners will have access to some great tools to help manage customer billing, including the ability to set up consolidated billing for your customer sites.

How do I redeem my commissions?

  • A 20% commission accrues to Standard and Premium partners on hosting sales. For more information, refer to the buying guide.
  • A 10% override commission accrues to Standard and Premium partners on hosting sales of referred Standard and Premium partners.
  • Commissions may be redeemed and paid into your PayPal account once the balance of a given currency that you earn commission in reaches the value of US$500 or more.

Can I cancel a paid site at any time?

Yes, as long as all invoices are up to date with payments, you may cancel a site and no further billing will occur.

Will a payment be refunded if I cancel a site?

No payments can be refunded for sites that are canceled.

Can I mark up the Business Catalyst prices?

Yes, if you bill the customer directly. It is highly recommended that if you mark up pricing, you provide value-added services on top of platform hosting.

What extras can I add to a site?

You can add SSL certificates, additional users/email accounts, disk space, SMS, and extra newsletters. Purchasing any of these extras is done via the Partner portal > Clients tab > System Usage. All extras purchased are set up on recurring billing, with the exception of extra newsletter credits purchased on a one-time basis and valid for use up to 12 months from the date of purchase. To view a list of extras, please see the pricing guide.