What benefits do I get if I sign up as a BC Partner?

A free site for yourself or your agency, 10% commissions on all customer subscription fees, tons of learning materials, very fast site creation, help and support, sales and customer communication, and a lot more. Check out our partnership page for full details.

What is a free partner site and how do I create it?

You get a free site for yourself or your agency as soon as you join BC and you can set it up by clicking Create your free partner site in your Partner Portal.

Which features are included in my free agency site?

At signup, your free agency site works as a trial site which never expires. As soon as you upgraded at least one customer site, your free partner site will have all features included in an e-commerce site (ability to add site domains, specific email accounts, payment gateways, etc.).

Can I use my free partner site for my own business?

You can use your free partner site exclusively for your web development business, including adjacent services such as SEO/SEM, online marketing, online business support, etc. You are not allowed to use it to sell or present other types of services, to sell or promote goods, for a customer site, etc. Read the Additional Terms of Use for more details.

Is there a cost to set up a customer trial site?

There is no cost for trial sites. As a BC partner, you may create as many trial sites as you need (they expire after 30 days of administration inactivity and can be extended by simply logging in to their administration area). It can often be effective to create trial sites when presenting the Adobe Business Catalyst solution to new prospects. You pay only when you decide to upgrade to a paid site.

How does billing work for customer sites, and who is responsible?

When you upgrade a customer site, you can choose to have Adobe directly bill your customer. In this case, you must obtain the customer's credit card details before upgrading from a trial site to a paid site. Or, you can have the billing relationship with your customer, in which case you'll be billed at the scheduled rate for each site, and you are responsible for billing and collection.

Can I cancel a paid site at any time?

Yes. You may cancel a paid site at any time provided all invoices are up to date with payments. We don't offer refunds for upfront payments.

How do I redeem my commissions?

A 10% commission accrues to all partners on hosting sales.
A 10% override commission accrues to all partners on hosting sales of referred partners.
Commissions may be redeemed and paid into your PayPal account once the balance of a given currency that you earn commission in reaches the value of US$500 or more.

I am a Creative Cloud subscriber. Does that make me a BC Partner?

Yes, and you are able to login and enjoy the benefits of the Partner Portal.

I have signed up as a Standard or Premium Partner and paid my fee.
Can I cancel my plan and get a refund at any time?

No. The Partner sign-up fee is not refundable once it has been processed and your included Partner Portal has been activated.

What happens to existing paid Standard and Premium Partners?

Existing paid partners continue on their paid partnership plans, with their associated benefits: 20% commission on hosting sales, ability to re-brand the BC interface for customers, ability to set up custom pricing plans, etc.

Can I still purchase a Standard or Premium Partnership?

The paid partnerships are no longer part of our current offering. We now offer some of the benedits of the old paid partnerships in the free partnership.

Why some features originally available for Paid Partners are now accessible to all Partners?

We want to make BC more accessible for as many small web agencies and freelancers as possible to enable more web designers and developers take advantage of BC and fuel a healthy ecosystem. In the same time, we will continue to provide exclusive benefits to Standard and Premium Partners such as increased commissions, re-branding, and consolidated billing.