What is BC App (or application)?

BC Apps are add-ons developed by BC partners using the Open Platform APIs and JavaScript SDK with the purpose of adding or customizing functionality in the BC Admin user interface.

Where can I review and install Apps?

You can review and install apps from the BC App Store web site (operated by our partner Solid Sky). Some applications may require you to purchase a license.

Who can install application?

Applications can be installed by the partner who developed the site. Business Owners, although they can definitely browse the app store, will not be able to install applications.

How easy is to remove an app if it doesn't meet the client expectation or is no longer needed?

Applications published on the app store have a built in Delete functionality which removes the application files and related data from the current site.

Can I install applications on live web sites?

Apps can be installed on any sites under your Partner Portal, whether is trial or live. Apps files are usually contained in app specific folders, so that they should not overwrite existing live sites files.

How does App Store handles upgrades and compatibility?

Before being accepted on the store, apps go through a quality check that is looking to see whether apps are working as expected. Additionally, App Store works closely with developers to make update available to partners who have purchased and installed apps on their site. Updates will be delivered through the app store through a workflow similar to app install.

What should we expect in terms of application pricing?

BC or the market place are not setting any restrictions or rules in terms of application pricing. Every developer is free to decide it’s own prices depending on how much value a certain app has.

How can I become an App Developer?

To register as an app developer, simply login to your Partner Portal, browse to My Apps section and enrol into the program. You will need to sign the Developer Terms of use and you’re ready to go.

Where can I learn more about creating apps?

For more information on how to create apps, sample applications and detailed reference guides, visit the developer documentation web site.

Which programming languages can be used to write Apps?

In order to build a BC App, you need to know JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Since applications are hosted inside the BC sites, you cannot write Apps using server side code (ex: PHP, .NET, etc…)

Does BC provide an UI (User Interface) library for app developers

For now, the App Store does not allow an app license to transferred to other sites.

Can an App License be transferred from one site to another?

The first public version of Open Platform does not provide an UI library kit that developers can use for creating apps. However, there are some resources already available that provide an app developer some guidance on how to skin the app user interface to look like BC. You can download this from BC App Store.

Since BC does not provide an UI toolkit, can I design the interface anyway I like?

No. Applications should preserve the BC admin UI look and feel. If you’re applications does look different than the standard BC UI, it will not be approved for distribution on the app store.

How can I publish my App to the App Store?

If have an App ready to go, fill in the App registration form on the BC App Store site. Team at Solid Sky will get back to you with all information you need to get your app on the store.

What are the application validation criteria?

You can find the list of criteria we are looking for when validating an app on the App Store site.

Can I contribute a free application to the market place?

Yes, any registered app developers can contribute free applications to the market place, and as long as they pass the quality check, they will be published.

Why did BC given the market place to a third party and didn't build it themselves?

If you’re a registered App Developer, you can install your applications to any web site under your Partner Portal without having to go through the BC App Store.

Will I be able to change a recurrent fee (subscription for my app)?

No. The first public version of the Open Platform and the app market place do not offer support for subscription model. We are looking into providing this type of support later on.

Why did BC given the market place to a third party and didn't build it themselves?

Based on partner feedback, we have decided as a team to focus most of our efforts on evolving the core product. We are relying on Solid Sky team to create and evolve the BC app marketplace. However, we are maintaining a close relationship to make sure available apps meet a certain quality standard and also all app developers are treated equally.

Will BC stop development on core modules and rely on partners to evolve BC?

No. We will continue to improve the core modules of BC.