Webinar recording: Stop Waiting on Content to Save Your Sanity… and your bottom line

- Friday, June 17, 2016

Thanks to those of you who attended our June's BC webinar with Michael Sallander.

Unfortunately there is a universal phenomenon that exists with web developers everywhere. You hurry up to build a website to meet a deadline and then you wait… and wait, for the client to get you all the content. When they supply the content, they realized that they no longer need certain items you already built, or the site doesn’t correctly accommodate for this or that, which typically leads to rounds of unpaid revisions and projects that drag on way too long. All hope is not lost: there is a way to save your sanity and your bottom line.

Do not start development until you have all the content and functionality defined. This has been one of the most significant improvements Chicago Digital has made to its web building process. Mike Sallander, President of Chicago Digital, will walk you through an example project and how they use Gather Content to stay on top of the content and requirements for custom website builds on Business Catalyst.

If you were unable to join us live, check out the webinar recording here: Waiting on Content to Save Your Sanity… and your bottom line.

You can also find the recordings of the past 2 webinars here: Enable Your Clients to Change Website Icons and Content Loading Like A Pro.

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See you next time!
The Adobe Business Catalyst Team