System Update Planned for 17 May 2011

Cristinel Anastasoaie - Monday, May 16, 2011

Last update: Monday, 16 May, 10:00 AM PST

We will be launching our May release (version R162), on 17 May 2011 at 1:00 AM PST (check local time). The deployment will take a few hours but we anticipate no major disruptions to the Business Catalyst service during this time. This release focuses on fixing issues in customer reports, blog imports and browser compatibility.

Issues fixed by the May 2011 release

  • Fixed a bug in "Customers and Web App" reports resulting in incomplete results (displaying a single record per customer) when including custom fields in the report (bug id: 2593929); any new reports will be generated correctly while existing reports need to be opened and saved again;
  • Corrected a problem in 0causing system to apperantly log out users on the receipt page (big id: 2799380)
  • Fixed a bug in Customer reports causing reports to not display related custom fields for imported web app items when creating Customers and Web App report,(bug id: 2814124)
  • Fixed a bug resulting in web app items to be taken out of search index and causing postcode search to not return it as one of the results when items are edited in front-end (bug id: 2813658)
  • Fixed a FF 4 compatibility issue causing required fields in Create New Contact and Create New Order user interface to not be displayed (bug id: 2843041)
  • Corrected a problem with tags { tag_addresslongitude} and { tag_addresslatitude} which were not rendered for webapp items (bug id: 2845199)
  • Fixed a bug in Customize System Emails user interface causing the the default from email to be displayed instead of the one assigned to the template (bug id: 2853758)
  • Fixed a campaign issue causing anniversary campaigns going out 1 day prior to the delivery date (bug id: 2761247)
  • Corrected an issue in campaign causing tags to not render in the campaign viewed in browser using {tag_viewinbrowser} (bug id: 2567189)
  • Corrected a bug in CST causing Adobe Support users to appear in CST emails, as CST users, even if they are not supposed to (bug id: 2849837)
  • Fixed an issue causing Admin UI to render improperly when the Most Recent Items menu tried to display a Web App Item name containing HTML code (bug id: 2847127)
  • Fixed a bug in the new Blog UI blocking users from creating or updating blog posts when the Admin language was not English (bug id: 2833338)
  • Fixed a bug in blog import from WordPress where empty channel/item/wp:comment/wp:comment_author_IP nodes causes an import error (bug id: 2844248)
  • Fixed a bug in blog import from WordPress where invalid dates for channel/item/wp:comment/wp:comment_date generate an import error (bug id: 2844253); Following this release, if comment date is missing or invalid system will assign current date at import. If a blog post has a missing or invalid date, it is considered a draft and system assigns a date in the future.
  • Fixed a bug in blog import from WordPress where long comment author names are causing an import error (bug id: 2844255)

North America (Ottawa) data center migration

Following this release, we are going ahead with our plans to migrate the North America data center (located in Ottawa) to our latest Unites States data center located in New Jersey. The move will take place on May 29, starting 12:00 AM EDT (Ottawa time) and will take approximately 8 hours during which all sites on the legacy North America (Ottawa) data center will be down.

More information about the move can be read on this blog article and on the dedicated site:

Reminder: update DNS information for sites formerly located on legacy Asia Pacific (Sydney Primus) and European Union (London) data centers

Following the Asia Pacific (legacy Sydney) and legacy European Union (London) data center migration, the web sites with external DNS formerly hosted these data centers are delivered through proxy servers still in function on old data centers. Because, we are preparing to decommission the old data centers and shut down the proxy servers sustaining web sites traffic, customers with external domain need to update their DNS information to point to the new data centers IPs.

For more information on how to update your DNS information for externally hosted domains, read the following knowledge base articles:

With this release, we're going to display a big warning message on the login screen every time an admin user tries to login to one of those sites that haven't updated their DNS information yet.

Thank you,
Cristinel Anastasoaie
Adobe Business Catalyst Product Manager