Site of the Week: Manufacturing Technology Centre

- Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Business Catalyst Site of the Week is Manufacturing Technology Centre, designed by HTDL.

The cutting edge Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) supports manufacturing businesses in their pursuit of world-class performance. MTC works with world-class research partners, which have attracted members such as Rolls Royce, Siemens, Nikon and Airbus, transferring cutting edge technologies into manufacturing processes in industry. From aircraft engines to automotive production they work with the world’s leading manufacturers to bring their products to life.

In response to the UK Government's manufacturing strategy, 'Manufacturing: New Challenges, New Opportunities', MTC appointed HTDL, back in 2011,  to develop all external communications from brand development to digital strategy to market this globally competitive manufacturing research hub to its target audience.

The website took around 8 weeks to build after initial wire-framing and design stages, however, the website is constantly developing with the online recruitment section being the most recent addition.

According to Andrew Hopkins from HTDL, designing and building Web Apps gave them enormous flexibility and the ability to allow clients to update the site very quickly and intuitively whilst being customized to their specific needs.

We began building the website when BC.Next and Liquid platform was still in beta, which meant we had to ensure our code would be able to utilize a lot of the new features that hadn’t been fully documented. Without Liquid markup and the BC.Next platform I don’t think that the site would have been possible.

We also had to ensure that the site could keep up with the rapid growth and diversity of change within the MTC. Business Catalyst gives us this freedom and flexibility so HTDL can constantly develop the site to meet the MTC’s requirements for now and into the future.” (Andrew Hopkins)

HTDL has been working with Business Catalyst since 2011 and have found that the flexibility, power and reliability are key factors when showing the system to clients. “We find that being able to build and integrate virtually any front-end that is possible with the latest web technologies allows us to ensure the designs we produce translate extremely well on the BC platform.  When talking to clients about their project requirements we don’t have to think, can BC do this or that? In most cases we can show how we’ve already done the same for another client and how it has transformed their business.“ (Andrew Hopkins)

An advice for somebody who just started using BC, from the designer of MTC:

My advice for someone starting to use BC would be to ensure you have a good understanding of HTML5, Liquid Markup, jQuery, CSS and support frameworks like Bootstrap so that you can fully utilize the power of Business Catalyst. Use online forums and resource groups to learn new features. If a feature doesn’t exist, see if it can be adapted from another source and integrated into BC. Use Adobe Dreamweaver / Muse in conjunction with the online IDE to allow multiple team members to work on a site all at once, as well as synchronizing and backing up code.  Definitely ‘Think out of the box’. We have tried to continually push BC to its absolute limits often using dynamic generated CSS, JavaScript and JSON using Liquid Markup to bind them all into some very powerful features. The possibilities are immense if you have the drive and commitment to delve deeper into the platform.

HTDL is an award winning design agency creating brands and websites to transform business. Since 1988, they conceived, developed and delivered over 14,000 successful projects.

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