Liquid Lessons special offer

- Saturday, February 14, 2015

Are you struggling with how Liquid Markup will help you build better online businesses? Liquid Lessons is a new course that provides step-by-step examples showing how to best use Liquid Markup in your projects. This course shares solutions to common problems, and helps you build up your Liquid Library.

A Liquid Library is more than just a collection of code snippets. Combining includes with variables is a simple, yet powerful concept. Imagine pasting a couple lines of code to do something that would have taken hours/days to build from scratch. The concept of a Liquid Library can revolutionize Business Catalyst.

This course is starting at $199 (USD), and will go up in price every time a new lesson is added. If you make the purchase now, you will get the entire course, several Liquid Library items, and all future lessons for only $99*. This coupon will only be good until we add our next lesson, so lock that price in now.

Coupon Price: $99* (USD)
Use this link to redeem this coupon:

Remember, this offer will expire when new lessons are added (which will be soon).

Student Reviews:
“Awesome insights into liquid markup for business catalyst”

“Great course to help business catalyst partners get their heads around liquid. The concept of building a library is super helpful and examples to get started are brilliant. Thank you!”

“Good overview and introduction to Liquid Markup for Adobe Business Catalyst. The lessons are well thought out and organized. Includes downloadable code to use.”

* Coupon is for a limited time.