InContext Editing, Support Central Knowledgebase and the BC Extension...

- Wednesday, April 07, 2010

At 11:30am this morning (US Pacific Time), the BC Engineering team deployed their latest round of software upgrades to the system. This upgrade is a significant leap forward in terms of user experience for you and your clients with the inclusion of a brand new Knowledgebase inside Support Central and the exciting public beta release of InContext Editing. The upgrade has also allowed us to go live with a v1.0 release candidate of the BC Extension for Dreamweaver CS4.

InContext Editing enters Public Beta

One of the first projects that was kicked off with the merger of Adobe and BC was to integrate InContext Editing and make it available within BC to replace Sitewalk as the 'live view' editor that your clients use to edit their site content. A lot of effort has gone into this project and the results are now available for you and your clients to try by clicking on 'Website > InContext Editing' in your Admin Console.

InContext Editing is a huge improvement over Sitewalk, a few highlights that I'd like to point out include:

  • As a BC Partner you can now set editable regions using Dreamweaver to control which parts of their BC sites your clients have the ability to edit when they are using InContext Editing
  • Content editing is more intuitive - you edit 'InContext" on the page rather than having an editor pop-up as was the case with Sitewalk
  • The new InContext content editor is much more robust compared with the Sitewalk text editor

What's happening to Sitewalk?

InContext Editing will be in Beta for the next 12 weeks during which Sitewalk will continue to remain available. When the Beta period ends, Sitewalk will reach end-of-life and be removed from Business Catalyst. During the Beta period for InContext Editing we will continue to make small improvements and also take the opportunity publish extensive documentation on how to use it in the new Knowledgebase.

So what are you waiting for? Go on...demo InContext Editing to your clients. :)

Support Central Gets New Knowledgebase

If you login to your BC sites and click on Support Central in the top right corner you'll notice that it's been redesigned. That's because we've moved all the content from the Online Business Wiki into a Knowledgebase that now forms the center of Support Central. For all things BC this is the place to go for answers. The new Knowledgebase brings a bunch of benefits including:

  • Improved Navigation - with articles sorted by topic or by where they belong on the user interface it's much easier to browse what you're looking for
  • Improved Search - don't want to browse? The new search in the Knowledgebase completely knocks the socks off the Online Business Wiki search with a much more complete set of results for any term
  • Different Views for Partners and Clients - based on your login the Knowledgebase knows if you're a Partner or a Site owner. Site owners (your clients) will only see a subset of the articles to hide references to BC and the Partner Program. As with before, if you're a Premium partner you have the ability to control whether your clients will be able to see the Forums and submit Support requests inside Support Central by going to Settings page in your Partner Portal.
  • Rebranding Dilemma has been Solved - we had some Premium Partners who previously had rebranding concerns about directing their clients to the Online Business Wiki. The Knowledgebase makes all the content accessible from within the Admin Console without going to a separate domain so these concerns should be addressed now

As with Sitewalk, the Online Business Wiki will stick around for another 12 weeks while the Knowledgebase is in Beta as we iron out any small kinks. Additionally the BC Support team will be busy adding new articles to the Knowledgebase and editing current ones to make them easier to understand.

BC Extension for Dreamweaver v1.0

We're now releasing the official BC Extension v1.0 after undergoing several months of testing, firstly with our pre-release community and then with our partner community. A big "Thank You" goes out to those (especially the pre-release community) who provided valuable feedback on improving the BC Extension and helped our team find those obscure bugs. You can download the BC Extension here, for CS4 users who are new to BC or people who are new to the Extension there's also a detailed tutorial on how to use it to edit your BC sites.

What's Next?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that I wanted to share some information around BC's engineering focus areas for the next 4-5 months, I will definitely be devoting a blog post to this topic next week and will also share information around the next release as well. Until then, adios!