Episode 45 of the BC Podcast - Megan Taylor

- Monday, April 27, 2015

In this month’s podcast, Megan Taylor from Kapow Interactive walks us through a typical web project from start to finish.

Tune in for Episode 45 of the Business Catalyst podcast!

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In this episode:

  • Michael Sallander’s big announcement
  • Megan walks through Kapow Interactive’s process
  • Megan shares what she wishes she knew when starting out

Important Takeaways:

Don’t forget about offline marketing.
It makes sense that a web professional would market themselves online. And, in many cases this is a good strategy, but don’t forget about marketing yourself offline. Megan works closely with her local Chamber of Commerce, wraps her car with her company information, and even advertises in the local newspaper. Every area is different so experiment with your marketing, but don’t forget about traditional marketing.

Say no to work, but keep in touch.
It’s smart not to spend too much time with clients who aren’t ready to invest in their online business. This is why Megan says “no” to some work. However, she keeps track of these potential clients. When work is slow, these contacts can be valuable leads. Many of these contacts could now be in a better position to pay for online services.

Work on your business.
If you start a website-building business, you probably already know something about building websites. Put some time into learning the business. Educating yourself in sales, marketing, and accounting will help you build a successful business.

To learn more, listen to Megan’s entire interview.

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