BC App Store is changing home

Magda Neagu - Tuesday, April 28, 2015

We are excited to announce that Solid Sky LLC, one of the top BC app developers, has acquired The BC App Store (www.bcappstore.com) from uGurus, LLC. The BC App Store is the official marketplace for distributing apps for Adobe Business Catalyst. The co-founders of Solid Sky, Mike Sallander and Scott Shefler, have been very involved with the Business Catalyst community in the past 6 years through their web agency Chicago Digital and online training programs at the BC Academe. Solid Sky and its affiliates are dedicated to serving the Business Catalyst community by focusing on making the product better and strengthening the community. 

The purchase of the BC App Store allows for new focus and renewed energy on growing the central marketplace for Business Catalyst apps. Apps enable greater functionality and extensibility of the growing Business Catalyst platform and are a key component to Business Catalyst’s strategy for evolving the platform. Giving 3rd Party developers the ability to contribute to the platform helps Business Catalyst stay competitive and more completely deliver an all-in-one platform.

Check out some of the popular apps in the store today:

Back-up BC - Easily backup your websites and store on external cloud services

BC Client Training  - Train clients 24/7 with white-labeled BC training videos.

Home page slider - Launch a homepage slider without web apps

Brent Weaver, CEO of uGurus, tells us the transition to Solid Sky is complete and is excited for the BC App Store’s future:
"I am really excited to finally be able to announce that Mike Sallander and his team at Solid Sky have taken over the operation and ownership of BCAppStore.com. Mike has a rich history in the BC market with his agency, training, and app brands and is a great fit to take our vision to the next level. This transition began in December of 2014 and is now complete. Mike's team has been supporting operations since the New Year and has been doing an excellent job. More apps are in the store and there are many announcements on the horizon for how apps will continue to support and enhance the BC partner community."

New and exciting apps ready in 2015:

BC Video Gallery - An easy-to-use video gallery management system

BC Social Store – sell your products on a Facebook page

Dynamic Price – enhance the “Add to cart” experience

The release of new apps is not the only thing that has happened this year on the BC App Store. Solid Sky is committed to making the BC App Store even better. To accomplish this they are focusing on 2 areas:

  • Make the experience of installing apps simple and enjoyable
    • uGurus did a great job putting together the technology behind delivering apps with one click. Solid Sky has improved the experience by adding support documentation and additional support channels: Live Chat and Phone.
  • Help Developers contribute Apps
    • Solid Sky is there to help app developers every step of the way. Solid Sky plans to release new resources and training materials that may include a new SDK, UI Kit, and Sample App. They will also host free webinars for the community on app development:

Mike Sallander, CEO of Solid Sky, had the following comment regarding their new acquisition:
"It is incredible to have the opportunity to play a more integral role in the future of a product that we fell in love with and dedicated ourselves to many years ago. The community surrounding Adobe Business Catalyst has been instrumental in the success of our agency and I am motivated to give back and help the community grow”.

Business Catalyst wants to show its support and dedication to the BC App Store and Business Catalyst Partners by offering a discount on new Business Catalyst subscriptions for App Store Customers.

Alexandru Costin, Senior Director at Adobe shared his excitement to see this renewed investment from the community in the BC App Store:

The BC Platform project has always been about the community and allowing partners to expand Business Catalyst based on their needs. We are greatly excited to see a new partner get aboard this project and taking over the BC App Store. With the new apps coming and the hosting discounts for app purchases this promises once again to reinforce the BC Platform with new functionality and great new apps.

Buy any admin app today and receive a discount code for the value of the app towards the purchase of a new Business Catalyst hosting plan.
  • Each individual app purchased on the app store will receive a discount code for BC hosting services.
  • Discount code is an absolute value equal to the value of the app.
  • Discount codes can only be redeemed once, even if entire value is not used.
  • Discount codes can only be redeemed on the same partner portal where the app was purchased on.
  • Discount codes can be applied to sites pushed live with any billing frequency (monthly, annually, and biyearly).
  • Pricing will restore to regular pricing schedule following the discounted billing period.
  • All extras (users, emails, disk space and newsletters) will be charged at the regular rate.
  • Discount codes are not stored. Neither the BC App Store nor Adobe Business Catalyst is responsible for locating lost discount codes or issuing new discount codes.
  • The validity of the code is 6 months from the date of the app purchase. Codes not used until the expiry date will no longer be valid.