App of the month: Solid Admin Menu

- Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dave Arlin, Scott Shefler and Michael Sallander teamed up to create Solid Sky, a company dedicated to building apps for Adobe Business Catalyst.

The great thing about building apps on Business Catalyst is that they didn’t need to learn a new language. They took the same skills (HTML, CSS, and Javascript) they were already using to build websites and applied them to the Open Admin APIs through the Javascript SDK, making the whole process simple.

Customize the Admin Console to Provide a Better Experience - They set out to help developers change the menu labels in the admin so that the labels can more accurately reflect what their customers use the feature for, such as changing “customers” to “members”. As they started doing this they realized that renaming was just the beginning; there is great value in reordering, regrouping, disabling and adding new menu items. These customizations give the business owners a more intuitive, easier to use admin experience.

Practical Use Cases

When they are not creating apps, Scott Shefler and Michael Sallander are running a web agency called Chicago Digital. Chicago Digital has already put the app to use in a few productive ways:

Personalized Support Center - Support tab that automatically logs users into a support secure zone on their partner website. This portal shows customers their support plan, hourly rate, account manager, training video library, custom videos/documents, and ability to submit a support ticket or hop on live chat.

Regrouping Web Apps - There were over 30 web apps used to build the content rich website for the United States Drug Testing Laboratories. Their goal was to simplify the content management process by using web apps but with so many web apps it became overwhelming to find the right one and understand what it does. Using the solid admin menu app Chicago Digital was able to break the web apps into meaningful groups, giving the client a clearer understanding to their meaning and their relationship with other Web Apps.

Endless Possibilities - This app gives developers the ability to customize and integrate third party functionality into the admin allowing endless possibilities to create custom experiences. This is all done through a simple drag and drop interface that will even save the most advanced developers time.

The app is available at the BC App Store. The installation process is simple and you could be customizing the BC admin console for your clients in minutes.

The Adobe Business Catalyst Team