A new beginning of Business Catalyst

- Tuesday, June 13, 2017
A new beginning of Business Catalyst

We are excited to announce that, starting tomorrow, Business Catalyst is entering a new era, with a new set of plans, a selection of new features and more, all coming out in this new release. The team has worked intensively over the past 6 months, upon the request of the partners and according to industry trends, to provide SSL certificates for private domains. As of today, we are proud to announce that a BC site can take not one, not two, but three approaches to https and secure connections for their customers. 

Three SSL certificates for all sites

With this new release we have several options for the sites on BC who want to offer an encrypted connection to their customers.

1. SSL certificate for private domains

Starting today you can install SSL certificates for private domains managed by Business Catalyst. For sites which are hosted on the new Platinum plan, this option is included and can be activated without any further payments. For sites on other plans, this option is available as an overage, for the cost of $80 per year. The pricing is per site, and will allow you to install as many certificates as you want. Refer to our updated documentation which provides step-by-step instructions on how you can install an SSL certificate on a Business Catalyst site, but also what things you need to consider before switching your traffic over to HTTPS. Please check both articles before switching over your traffic, to make sure that all your pages and assets are working as they should.

2. SSL certificate for all .businesscatalyst.com subdomains

If your site can be found at a URL of the type subdomain.businesscatalyst.com, we are happy to announce that from now on, this too shall be covered by our SSL certificates, at no additional cost. You will be able to redirect all traffic to https://subdomain.businesscatalyst.com

3. SSL certification and security for all your e-commerce sections on .worldsecuresystems.com subdomains

This option has been available for some years, and Business Catalyst continues to provide Level 1 PCI certification and utmost security for the sites stored on our platform that choose to offer their products on Business Catalyst stores. 

From today, all three of these options will be available for any one of the sites on our platform. Whichever option you choose for your domain, your site will have an SSL option to match it. 

New plans, and a special offer to celebrate

Starting tomorrow our pricing page and the new plans will become available. Not only are we including new features like Product Recommendation, we are also pleased to announce that features such as Liquid and Module Data are now officially out of Beta and ready for full fledged production.

To celebrate all this, the first 30 days post launch will bring you two special discounts:

Whether you have an existing site and wish to upgrade, or a new site that you want to bring onto the platform, we are offering a discount for all customers who choose yearly billing on a new site plan.

Existing customers can upgrade using the coupon code 25UPGRADE12M in the Partner Portal

Trial sites can upgrade using the coupon code 20PUSHLIVE12M when moving from trial to paid.

We hope these new plans will better answer your needs and the customer's needs, and that the new features included in the Platinum plan will help convert your customer's prospects into leads. 

Until our pricing page will change to reflect the release, you have below a snippet of how the new plans will look like. 

Here are the major features included in each one of these plans:


Advanced e-commerce features included now or coming soon in the Platinum plan

As businesses grow, the needs for their sites also grow. We are now launching two features that will hopefully allow them to increase their sales and better serve their customers in the process.

Starting with this release coming tomorrow, we are including new algorithms that will help you automatically generate related products sections, both based on previous purchases as well as based on statistics of the entire customer base. This will all help increase the value of each individual shopping cart.

We all know that it sometimes takes several visits for a customer to actually complete the purchase, and that is why in our next release we will include a tool that will help you win back customers who have abandoned their shopping carts without completing the purchases. You will be able to see the abandoned carts, action them by sending an email to the customers, and then evaluate how many of those carts have turned into actual purchases and generated revenue with our July release. 

All these new features can be found in the new Platinum plan, and covered by the included SSL certificate. 

Join our webinar to find out more about all these changes

We are happy to hear your feedback and comments on all the features released today. Our ongoing communication will start bringing more and more details around these new items over the months to come. Join our on June 21st at 4:00PM US PDT (San Francisco) / 7:00PM US EDT (New York) / June 22nd at 9:00AM Australia (Sydney) to find out more about these changes and get your questions answered live. You can register here for the webinar

The Business Catalyst team