BC Extension for Dreamweaver

- Thursday, May 07, 2015

The new rendering engine is just out the door for most sites and we are getting ready to finalize Liquid. As such, in order to allow the team to better focus their efforts on the next version of Business Catalyst and additional improvements to the core product features, we have decided to stop development on the Business Catalyst extension for Dreamweaver and retire it from the Creative Cloud Add-ons store. The Dreamweaver CC version 2014.1.1 will be the last one compatible with our Business Catalyst extension. Partners using greater (than 2014.1.1) versions can continue to edit Business Catalyst sites through Dreamweaver by using standard sFTP connections instead of the Business Catalyst panel and site management interfaces. 

Partners still using older versions of Dreamweaver (version 2014.1.1 and below) can continue their workflows that include the extension, with limited support available in the future for this setup. If you need help finding out the DW version you are on please go to Help -> About Dreamweaver.
Dreamweaver Creative Cloud customers with versions newer than 2014.1.1  can continue to manage their sites through the sFTP server functionality.

To find out how to setup your sFTP server in Dreamweaver for your Business Catalyst sites please follow the above link to the documentation which explains the setup and workflows to be followed from now on. 

Thank you,

The Business Catalyst team