Built for freelancers and small web agencies

When you sign up, you’ll automatically be enrolled in our partnership program, a complete solution to help you run your web business - manage sites, pitch to customers, etc. On top of that, you will get a free* site for your web agency, 10% commissions for all client subscription fees paid to BC, and a pack of business automation tools to streamline your work.

* You can only use this site for yourself or your web agency that sells BC websites. You are not allowed to use this site to sell or promote goods or other services besides those provided by your web agency. Adding your own domain and email accounts, using payment gateways are made available only after you have upgraded at least one customer site. Check out the Additional Terms of Use for more details.

Your Partner Portal

  • Manage your client sites from one central console

    Your Partner Portal allows you to centrally manage all your sites with us. You can view your customers' sites, their invoices and what plan they're on. You can also easily give yourself admin access to sites, see which sites are about to expire, resend invoices and more.

  • Keep in touch with your clients

    Keeping your clients in the loop has never been this easy. Your Partner Portal gives you the tools to publish messages to your clients inside their Admin console, or add a message to the top of their weekly business performance reports.

  • A myriad of learning resources

    Your Partner Portal is your gateway to a wide variety of resources to make you successful: BC tutorials, site and newsletter templates, links to community portals and materials, sales trainings, BC apps to enhance your customer sites, and many more.

  • Sales and customer management boilerplate materials

    We provide in the Partner Portal many resources to streamline your sales and customer management processes: proposal templates, PDFs, pre-made slide decks that you can use to help improve your sales process and close deals faster.

Key partner benefits

  • Build a revenue stream with commissions on client sites

    A recurrent revenue stream from commissions on client sites

    For each client you sign up on BC, you'll receive 10% commission on their subscription fees. Over time, as you build more and more client sites on BC, you’ll see your commissions develop into a healthy source of recurring revenue for your business.

  • Receive commissions for referring new paid Partners

    Receive commissions for referring new Partners

    A 10% override commission accrues to all our partners on hosting sales of other referred partners. This is on top of the commissions earned for client subscription fees.

  • Extra support for you and your clients

    Extra support for you and your clients

    As a Partner you can submit unlimited Support Tickets from within your Partner Portal. Also, you'll have the option to allow your clients to submit support tickets from their own administration interface - saving you time and effort.

  • Become an expert with advanced training videos

    Generate extra revenue streams with custom newsletter templates

    Upload and offer customized email marketing templates to specific clients. A fantastic value-add service to help you generate a recurring revenue stream for your business.

  • Replicate existing sites with ease

    Replicate existing sites with ease

    Do you often find yourself repeating the same basic steps in building an online business? Now you can re-use your efforts by replicating an old site in an instant, then customizing the parts that need changing - all with a fresh customer database.

  • Get a head-start by importing existing sites

    Get a head-start by importing external sites

    Our import tool reads external websites and recreates them within Business Catalyst, giving you a head start when working with a client who already has a site. Once it's in the system, you can immediately start adding functionality to help you land the deal.

  • Boilerplate templates, re-usable PDFs and more

    Customizable online editor

    Not every client is as tech-savvy as the next – as a Partner you’ll have granular control over the WYSIWYG editor, so that your clients can access only the editing tools you want them to. And you can do it differently for every single site.

  • Flexible billing options

    Flexible billing options

    All our partners have access to a wide range of flexible billing options – we can bill your client directly, we can bill you and then you manage your own billing, etc.