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App of the Month: Email Marketing Template Pack

Roxana Moldovan Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Responsive Email Made Easy

Sending marketing emails is a great way to engage with new or existing customers, however making sure your email looks great on all devices can be challenging. Not any more.

  • Duplicate Content Modules - When creating an email there are often times that you may want to use the same layout multiple times. This can be easily achieved in the visual editor by duplicating a module.
  • Re-order Content Modules - Once a module has been duplicated it can moved up or down within all other modules of the same type.
  • Edit Text and Links - Easily edit text and links in a WYSIWYG editor without breaking the code.
  • Fully Responsive - All modules have been coded so that they look great on all devices. Similar to how a website layout adapts to the screen size, our email templates change the layout based upon the size of the screen the email is viewed on. No more shrunken images and text on mobile email clients.

Pre-built Email Templates or Create Your Own 

We have created 4 beautiful templates to get you started. If you want to customize the look to fit into your branding, just sign up to a design package and let us take care of it for you.

Want your own template layout?

By building the template into small modules we can create a custom template just for you. All you have to do is let us know what modules you would like to use and it what order. We will then create the template and place it within the admin of your website to use.

Email templates for a variety of different campaigns

We have created a fictitious company called ‘Gian’ to showcase four templates that cover the most popular types of Email Marketing campaigns and highlight what can be done with a professional design package. These example templates include animated gifs to bring some visual impact to your email.

About the developer

Complete Business Online is a full-service marketing agency, with offices in Melbourne and Sydney Australia, along with their development team in Makati, Philippines. Thy pride themselves on producing state of the art design and technology solutions to provide real value to their clients.

BC Academe MAX 2016 Pass Giveaway

Roxana Moldovan Tuesday, October 04, 2016

[Update] To allow enough time for all interested BC partners to join the Giveaway, BC Academe has extended the deadline. You can grab a chance to win an Adobe MAX 2016 Pass till October 5th @ 11:59PM (US Central Time).

BC Academe has the pleasure to invite you to join Business Catalyst sessions and events at this year's Adobe MAX conference.

You can view the preliminary agenda below: 

November 1st: Community Social

  • Come join us and meet the BC Community.
  • Location: TBD
  • Time: TBD

More details on this community meetup coming soon.

November 2nd: Official BC Event

The night will feature a Live BC Sandpile Event featuring:

  • Special Presentation from Business Catalyst
  • Mike Sallander (Chicago Digital)
  • Scott Reynolds (Thrise)
  • Dave Haggblad (Digital Ink Multimedia)
  • More Speakers TBA

The event will be taking place at Allure Restaurant in San Diego (5 Blocks from Convention Center) @ 4:30-10PM. Food and Drinks will be provided.

Join the BC Academe Giveaway for a chance to win an Adobe MAX 2016 Pass or (1) Year Subscription to the BC Academe!

Get bonus entries each day by Purchasing Apps from the BC App Store and Tweeting on Twitter.

Giveaway Ends October 4th @ 11:59PM (US Central Time).



Removal of Heidelpay payment gateway

Magda Neagu Friday, September 30, 2016

Due to the limited usage from our customers, we have decided to remove Heidelpay Payment Gateway from the list of integrations starting with October 30th, 2016. 

The users who still have this integration will be individually notifies via e-mail, but we would kindly ask all partners to have this in mind when choosing their Payment Gateway for new projects to be released this month.

If you have any questions or require the help of our support team to choose another gateway please do not hesitate to contact us. 

The Business Catalyst team. 



BC Admin and Partner Portal moving to HTTPS

Magda Neagu Friday, September 30, 2016

Business Catalyst is constantly improving the security of sites hosted on the platform, in a bid to provide the safest possible environment for our customers and partners to develop their businesses. As part of these projects, starting with July 19th the Business Catalyst Partner Portal and Site Administration interfaces have moved to HTTPS. To ensure that this move is as smooth as possible, this change has been designed with two components:

  • The Partner Portal link is automatically going to HTTPS starting with July 19th, together with all interfaces and pages connected with it. This setting cannot be reversed. 
  • The Site Administration will continue to be delivered through HTTP. Starting with July 19th we have introduced a new setting that enables you to switch to HTTPS or remain on the current HTTP setting. 

What actions are required from the partners?

We have done our best to ensure that this move should be a smooth one from where the customers are concerned. For partners who have a custom logo setup that is not hosted on Business Catalyst, we have already sent out a notice that you should either move this logo to a BC environment or access it from an external, secure connection. 

We advise you to test out the HTTPS admin as soon as possible,  and start using your admin on the new, encrypted connection. 

For the time being the Admin Console will remain accessible via HTTP, but we will enforce the HTTPS connection it in the future, starting with e-Commerce sites first and then gradually moving to cover all Business Catalyst sites.

The Business Catalyst Team 

New security enhancements for BC Sites

Magda Neagu Friday, September 30, 2016

Over the last few months we have rolled out several security enhancements for BC sites, starting with the gradual move to HTTPs for the Administration and Partner Portal. Today, we move forward with several new projects that will come into effect with our October release, making the BC environment a safe place for business owners to conduct their operations. 

Our October release will include 2 features designed with security in mind. 

1. Enforce HTTPS protocol for the administration section of all new e-commerce sites

At this time, this has no effect on existing e-commerce sites. You can choose to move to HTTPs or remain on the default HTTP protocol. At a further date the HTTPs will be enforced for existing sites as well, also with a minimum of 30 days notice

2. Administrators get to choose whether they want to allow users to upload executable files through webforms on their sites. 

We have had several inquiries from partners and site admins who wanted to limit the upload of files through their webforms. While this does not pose an immediate threat and our infrastructure is equiped to filter and delete malicious files, we would like to allow the partners some control over the uploads as well. Starting with our October 30th release you will have a new checkbox available in the admin, in the webforms section, through which you can stop users from uploading any potentially dangerous files. If your business model requires the upload of such files, you will most certainly be able to allow your users to continue doing this. However, should you want to offer your site owner more protection, you will be able to do this from October 30th on. 

The types of files blocked by this feature will be the same files that Outlook would not allow you to send in an e-mail attachement. 

File name extension

File type

.ade Access Project Extension (Microsoft)
.adp Access Project (Microsoft)
.app Executable Application
.asp Active Server Page
.bas BASIC Source Code
.bat Batch Processing
.cer Internet Security Certificate File
.chm Compiled HTML Help
.cmd DOS CP/M Command File, Command File for Windows NT
.com Command
.cpl Windows Control Panel Extension (Microsoft)
.crt Certificate File
.csh csh Script
.der DER Encoded X509 Certificate File
.exe Executable File
.fxp FoxPro Compiled Source (Microsoft)
.gadget Windows Vista gadget
.hlp Windows Help File
.hta Hypertext Application
.inf Information or Setup File
.ins IIS Internet Communications Settings (Microsoft)
.isp IIS Internet Service Provider Settings (Microsoft)
.its Internet Document Set, Internet Translation
.js JavaScript Source Code
.jse JScript Encoded Script File
.ksh UNIX Shell Script
.lnk Windows Shortcut File
.mad Access Module Shortcut (Microsoft)
.maf Access (Microsoft)
.mag Access Diagram Shortcut (Microsoft)
.mam Access Macro Shortcut (Microsoft)
.maq Access Query Shortcut (Microsoft)
.mar Access Report Shortcut (Microsoft)
.mas Access Stored Procedures (Microsoft)
.mat Access Table Shortcut (Microsoft)
.mau Media Attachment Unit
.mav Access View Shortcut (Microsoft)
.maw Access Data Access Page (Microsoft)
.mda Access Add-in (Microsoft), MDA Access 2 Workgroup (Microsoft)
.mdb Access Application (Microsoft), MDB Access Database (Microsoft)
.mde Access MDE Database File (Microsoft)
.mdt Access Add-in Data (Microsoft)
.mdw Access Workgroup Information (Microsoft)
.mdz Access Wizard Template (Microsoft)
.msc Microsoft Management Console Snap-in Control File (Microsoft)
.msh Microsoft Shell
.msh1 Microsoft Shell
.msh2 Microsoft Shell
.mshxml Microsoft Shell
.msh1xml Microsoft Shell
.msh2xml Microsoft Shell
.msi Windows Installer File (Microsoft)
.msp Windows Installer Update
.mst Windows SDK Setup Transform Script
.ops Office Profile Settings File
.pcd Visual Test (Microsoft)
.pif Windows Program Information File (Microsoft)
.plg Developer Studio Build Log
.prf Windows System File
.prg Program File
.pst MS Exchange Address Book File, Outlook Personal Folder File (Microsoft)
.reg Registration Information/Key for W95/98, Registry Data File
.scf Windows Explorer Command
.scr Windows Screen Saver
.sct Windows Script Component, Foxpro Screen (Microsoft)
.shb Windows Shortcut into a Document
.shs Shell Scrap Object File
.ps1 Windows PowerShell
.ps1xml Windows PowerShell
.ps2 Windows PowerShell
.ps2xml Windows PowerShell
.psc1 Windows PowerShell
.psc2 Windows PowerShell
.tmp Temporary File/Folder
.url Internet Location
.vb VBScript File or Any Visual Basic Source
.vbe VBScript Encoded Script File
.vbs VBScript Script File, Visual Basic for Applications Script
.vsmacros Visual Studio .NET Binary-based Macro Project (Microsoft)
.vsw Visio Workspace File (Microsoft)
.ws Windows Script File
.wsc Windows Script Component
.wsf Windows Script File
.wsh Windows Script Host Settings File
.xnk Exchange Public Folder Shortcut

We are waiting for your suggestions and questions, prior to the release of October 30th. 

The Business Catalyst team. 



Webinar recording: Discover New Revenue Models at the BC App Store

Diana Iliescu Monday, September 26, 2016

Thanks to those of you who attended our September's BC webinar with Michael Sallander.

App developers have new ways to distribute their apps to the BC community. This provides greater financial opportunity for developers and the potential for even better apps for BC App Store customers. The 2 new revenue models are: Recurring Apps per Site and One Time Apps per partner. These revenue models make the distribution of integration apps possible so you can easily connect Business Catalyst to external CRMs, Email Marketing, Analytics, Marketing Products and more! In this webinar, Mike Sallander, owner of the BC App Store will be walking you through the developer program and showcase apps that are already using these new revenue models.

If you were unable to join us live, check out the webinar recording here: Discover New Revenue Models at the BC App Store.

You can also find the recordings of the past 2 webinars here: A whole new way of looking at page editing and BC Widgets – Learn how to create your own.

If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to send them over to We will be happy to answer all your inquiries.

See you next time!
The Adobe Business Catalyst Team

Discover New Revenue Models at the BC App Store - don't miss tomorrow's webinar!

Diana Iliescu Tuesday, September 20, 2016

This month we'll meet Wednesday September 21st (US) / Thursday September 22nd (AU) with Michael Sallander to discuss about New Revenue Models at the BC App Store.

App developers have new ways to distribute their apps to the BC community. This provides greater financial opportunity for developers and the potential for even better apps for BC App Store customers. The 2 new revenue models are: Recurring Apps per Site and One Time Apps per partner. These revenue models make the distribution of integration apps possible so you can easily connect Business Catalyst to external CRMs, Email Marketing, Analytics, Marketing Products and more! In this webinar, Mike Sallander, owner of the BC App Store will be walking you through the developer program and showcase apps that are already using these new revenue models.

Wed/Thu, September 21st/22nd: New Revenue Models at the BC App Store

To help you put your learning into practice, webinar participants will be receive a 15% discount on their next website. (*15% discount coupon applies for new site upgrades on any monthly/yearly desired plan, for the first year. Coupon validity: 31-Dec-2016, only available for the webinars’ attendees. The discount code will only be offered live, during the webinar session.)

Thank you and see you there!
The Adobe Business Catalyst Team

Changing out your partner website template just got easier

Roxana Moldovan Monday, September 12, 2016

When you get started with Business Catalyst you get a very nice partner website as part of the package. It’s a wonderful way to get you started, but eventually most partners want to change things. You can custom code your own site, but many partners find it simpler and faster to start with a BC Gurus template.

The thing is, with your partner website you have to replace the site ‘in place’, meaning you have to overwrite the existing files. You can’t build it within another site in your partner portal and then repoint traffic to that location. Your partner site is special and the only way to update it is by replacing the files.


BC Gurus created a tutorial series showing step by step how to do this. They start with the same partner site template a new BC Partner gets, and show you what it takes to change it out for a BC Gurus template

Note: This isn’t just for your partner website….you can use these techniques for ANY site you want to swap out the template on.

partner site original

Original partner site

partner site updated

Updated partner site


Watch them and see what a BC Gurus Pro membership can do for you.

Here’s what we show you:

  • Intro (FREE of course)
  • This short intro sets the stage for what BC Gurus will cover in the course

  • Getting Ready (FREE)
  • This video shows you how to prepare for changing out the template for your partner website.

  • Consolidating the Files (FREE)
  • This video shows you which files/folders to keep, which ones to remove, and how to go about copying the new files over top of the existing ones.

  • Applying Page Templates (FREE)
  • The next step is to apply the new page templates to the pages.

    Watch now the first 4 videos, made available for you in the BC Documentation portal!

  • Setting up the Menus (BC Gurus Members)
  • Getting the menus to show up is next, it mostly involves finding and replacing the menu ID in the page templates.

  • Setting up Webapps (BC Gurus Members)
  • Next is getting the webapps built and configured. Then adding or importing webapp items.

  • Setting up Forms (BC Gurus Members)
  • Time to fix and configure the various forms on the site

  • Setting up the Store (BC Gurus Members)
  • Finally, we will set up the store elements

  • Fixing the Little Things (BC Gurus Members)
  • We’re almost done, there’s just a few places to fix, some little gotchas.

Watch the overview video here:

Not a BC Gurus Member?

There’s never been a better time to be a BC Gurus Pro Member because now you can get a 14 Day Free Trial.

This is a great way to try out a Pro Membership. Instantly get a free template just for trying it out…..and have access to all the tutorials, including the Members Only ones from swapping out your partner website!

The free template is yours to keep whether you continue with Pro Membership or not. And did I mention….there are over 240 Premium Tutorials you can view as well.


  1. Visit this page:
  2. Login with your BC Gurus info
  3. Enter payment information (this will ONLY be used if you stay on past the trial)
  4. And you are in. BC Gurus will immediately insert a template credit into your account which you can use for any premium templates.

App of the month: Welcome Bar

Roxana Moldovan Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Welcome Bar drives sales by capturing your customers' attention and directing them to your most important products and deals. Add this to your website and get people clicking!

Welcome Bar makes it easy to:

  • Effectively promote products and sales
  • Drive more traffic to a specific URL
  • Point visitors to your social media channels and increase social sharing
  • Grow your opt-in Business Catalyst mailing list
  • Display your coupon codes upfront

The Promotion Bar appears in every page of your website, and attracts the visitor's attentions in a non-invasive efficient way. The Bar makes it easy to share a custom message with your audience, and make sure it's noticed. It also improves the conversion of social media sharing and email collecting, and helps you grow your community and mailing lists.

Only 2 code lines need to be installed to <head> — Customer can choose from 4 setup modes:

  • Welcome visitors — Tell your visitors what's new. Wish them a happy holiday. Publish upcoming events. Show a sale coupon code.
  • Drive traffic - This mode helps you drive visitors to one place.
  • Collect contacts — Collect emails from your visitors through the top bar.
  • Get more likes — Add Facebook like or share buttons, Add a tweet button with more options.

No code design customization. You can customize bar with real-time editor or you can install Welcome Bar to page without CSS and create your oven style.


  • Asynchronous loading that won't affect page load speed.
  • Customize Name, Email, Than you messages in collect contact mode.
  • Set existing mailing list where automatically subscribe new contact.
  • Your own URL redirect.
  • Automatically Opt-in emails.
  • Collect contact mode without Name input.
  • Set your cookie expiration time when bar is hidden and automatically show when is new.
  • Easy sharing Facebook button with options if you want: include share button, include counter, change to recommend.
  • Easy sharing on Twitter button with setup tweet text, username and hashtag.
  • Option for delay of bar if you want to show bar later. Some time after customer come on page.
  • Position of bar: bottom, top, fixed.
  • Shake button for attention.

Pricing: One time fee $119,88

To celebrate Welcome Bar being featured as BC App of the month, the developer offers 50% discount for the next 30 days! Purchase now Welcome Bar for only $59.94!

About the developer

Welcome Bar was developed by Peter Knezek, who is Business Catalyst Partner since 2010. He is working from sketch of web design, simple ICE web sites, to customized e-commerce solutions.




Site of the Week: Get Connected Finance

Roxana Moldovan Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Business Catalyst Site of the Week is Get Connected Finance, designed by Complete Business Online (developer: Marjorie Abueg).

This site offers quick valuable information and a powerful yet simple application form for users. Overall, it took about 6 weeks to complete.

The biggest challenge in creating this website was implementing multi-step webforms in a single page. But the use of Liquid globals made it possible to display different webforms in one page based on the user's input/query. It also reduced the page loading time since it's only necessary to load one specific form.

"One of the BC features I like the most is Liquid Markup. It's simple markup, yet it helps us have access to many areas of BC, which is very powerful. An example of this is where I am able to build dynamic responsive menus which allows me to integrate the dynamic menu items in Foundation Menu without the use of any scripts." (Marjorie Abueg, CBO)

"I've been working in BC for almost 2 years. As for the advantages, BC allows the client to manage the creation, modification and removal of content from a website without the need for technical expertise. It also has flexible built-in modules which help me, as a developer, implement complex website requirements much easier." ( Marjorie Abueg, CBO )

A piece of advice for somebody who just started using BC from Marjorie Abueg: "Explore. Don't limit yourself to the basics. Know everything about different BC features and its concepts as they can provide you flexibility and versatility."

CBO is a complete creative & marketing digital agency, who solves problems with creative ideas and digital expertise

* * *

Our section "Site of the week" promotes some of the best accomplished sites, hosted on our platform. If you too have designed a beautiful site that you are proud of, send us an e-mail to bcpartner-team(at)adobe(dot)com. It might become the next "Site of the Week".